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"You learn everything as you go. You read all you possibly can and ask a million questions, and then you make it work for you.  Be kind, be generous and share what makes you happy with others."

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Romney Ridge Farm Yarns are produced and hand-dyed in New England.

Our Farm Blend Yarns are created from a base of Romney wool combined with fibers selectively purchased from several, fellow New England fiber farms. We are proud to support local farmers by purchasing their wool. 

We purchase only clean, healthy fleeces -meaning we have developed a relationship with the farmers and know that they take good care of their animals nutritionally and humanely.

Romney Ridge Farm purchases this wool, divides it by breed, and combines it by percentages of fleece-type into a wonderful light-weight woolen-spun yarn available in several weights.

This fiber is washed at RITEWAY Scouring in Waldoboro, Maine and spun at and historic New England Spinning Mill.

All of our yarns are hand-dyed using Cushing Dyes created in Maine.

Our Sheep

                                                                      HANDSOME MIKE

                                                                      HANDSOME MIKE

Romney Sheep are to me beautiful creatures who produce stunning wool for traditionally New England yarns.    If you are a spinner, may I suggest you learn on Romney?  It's long, smooth fibers flow effortlessly through your fingers, creating a strong, lustrous yarn beautiful in it's natural hues or stunning in any shade of dye.  



If you are a knitter, crocheter or weaver, choose Romney woolen yarns for long-lasting projects, sweaters, mittens, hats, ponchos and blankets.  A few of our favorite pattens designed from our Romney Ridge Yarns are Shoofly by Kate Gilbert and Sablier by Nell Ziroli.

Sable by Nell Ziroli

Sable by Nell Ziroli

One of my favorite times of year is Spring ... when we shear.  Romney Fleeces commonly grow up 4- 5 inches in length.  Our Romney's aren't especially "greasy" meaning heavily soaked in lanolin.   An eight pound fleece can easily yield 2-3 sweaters in yardage once washed and spun.  Long, lustrous, crimpy locks cover their bodies ready for the shearer's blades to free them from their year's growth.  

Romney is not Merino.  It is not spongey and and buttery soft.  It is earthy and strong and for some not an on-the-skin yarn.  But I promise you will find very few pills on your sweaters, your mittens and hats will last forever, and it will keep you warm when knit up in smaller "wind-tight" stitches as well as for those loose flowing fabrics such as wraps and ponchos.   Romney wool is what Mother Nature wraps herself in tightly during New England winters, and loosely in on cool summer nights.  It will never disappoint when you appreciate it's beauty and purpose.  


Do you sell only wool yarns?

No. Though most of our yarns are wool blends and wool based,  we also carry our Unicorn Sock Yarn, a super wash merino strengthened with nylon for durability.  


What size skeins do you have?

We have nice variety of skeins ranging from 50 yards for the Fair Isle knitter, to 470 yards for the sock knitter, and several sizes in between.  Custom lengths in our Farm Blend -undyed can be requested.  

Do all of your yarns come from your annual shearing?

Not all of my yarns are from my sheep and Angora goats.   Yarns containing wool  from our animals are listed as Romney Ridge Farm Blends.
All other yarns come from fibers I have selectively purchased from several, fellow New England fiber farms.  I am proud to support the farmers by offering them a higher price for their wool than other venues.   I purchase only clean “healthy “ fleeces, meaning I have developed a relationship with the farmers and know that they take good care of their animals nutritionally and humanely.  

Our other lines of yarns such as NIMBUS and Southport,  Downeast and FAT Sheep are yarns produced int he US.  

Where are your yarns spun?
Keeping my business local is very important to me.  After the wool and mohair is washed at Riteway Scouring in Waldoboro, Maine, the end product and fiber content determines where the yarns are spun.  

Yarns containing the shorter, fine, medium and down-type
wools are spun on the woolen system using a historic New England Mill in MA.

Longwools and Mohair are best spun using the worsted system.  For these yarns I have used Green Mountain Spinnery in Vermont.   GMS has been spinning for me since my flock numbered ten.   Both mills have high standards and work with me on each run.   

What kind of dyes do you use?
After experimenting with several different companies,  I am happiest with the true, bold colors created by Cushing Dyes of Kennebunk, Maine.  Cushing Dyes are simple to use and require no harsh mordents, only vinegar.  The dyes are rich, steadfast and easily bended.  Best of all they are manufactured right here in Maine.

What environmentally friendly practices do you implement within your

All of my fibers are washed using earth friendly, biodegradable, low temperature, Power Scour which is not only environmentally friendly, but a gentle, effective cleaner of fibers.   My dyeing methods keep the environment, as well as your wallet in mind.  I have developed methods of recycling dye baths, using less hot water and using less fuel.   All yarns are “hand-dyed and sun-dried” using only Mother Nature for drying.  These methods help keep my costs down when producing my yarns which I can pass along to my customers.

When I ordered 5 skeins they came shipped in a box, when I ordered 2
then came tightly packed in a tyvek mailer, why?

I do my best to ship your yarns to you as inexpensively as possible.  Since shipping is based more on size than weight, I can mail one or two skeins at a lower cost in the tyvek mailers.  Yarn won’t break, so no bulky, protective packaging is required.  Simply pull out your yarn and give it a shake.  If you prefer your yarn is shipped in a box, please e-mail me when ordering, but be aware that the shipping costs will be higher.

Can you ship yarns packaged as a gift?
Absolutely!  Just be sure to let me know when you order.