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I dye pink for love.

Kelly Corbett9 Comments

We hold these truths to be self-evident
That all men are created equal"
And when I meet Thomas Jefferson
I'mma compel him to include women in the sequel!    - Hamilton

This is one of my favorite lines from Hamilton.   As we celebrate the birthday of our country it seems appropriate that we recognize the role women have played in the the building of the nation we are today.   Unfortunately,  I need help.    

I need help understanding how the beautiful color pink has become a representation of angry women or as many are calling it ... "nasty women".  How can a color so soft and sweet, a color I dressed my little blonde-haired daughter in and watched her innocent, tiny hands pick flowers in, how the sweetness of pink, gentle, wild flowers has been turned into a representation of anger?    Am I missing something?  Am I misinterpreting???

On July 1st I watched the participation of #titsoutcollective by many yarn dyers around the world.   I have read the purpose of this movement which states  -"Tits Out Collective - a global movement of hand-dyed yarn, patterns and notions of the colorway If I Want Exposure, I'll Get My Tits Out.  So what does it represent???  I'm not understanding.  Is this just a way to sell yarn?  

Please.  Am I getting old?  Please help me understand this.   Help me understand how using these words serves us a women?  How putting a pink colored hat on your head a -Pussy hat, makes us not laughable to men?   Did they notice?  Of course?  Do they respect you more because you are wearing this representation of your "femininity" on your head and using words they created to slander us and our female parts as a way to get attention?  Do you honestly think "getting your tits out" makes any kind of statement to the world that you are an amazing creature of intelligence and creativity?   That you are a kind, nurturing, amazing woman who truly makes this world a better place?   That you are a lady worth respecting?  Please help me understand this.

I pride myself on being open minded.  I can change the oil in my truck and run a tractor and drive a dump truck if I have to.  I can do just about anything I need to for myself -like many women.  But I am not stupid enough to think that I do not need the help of a man now and then.  And when I do need their help I carry myself as a strong woman using my thoughts and words, and respect of myself in a way that teaches them that -hey, she is one powerful force of intelligence and kindness, she's bold and witty and beautiful ... and I respect her. 

So I will be brutally honest -which can be hard to be as a business owner these days.   I do not dye pink for pussy hats.  I do not dye pink yarn to then wrap around my neck or hold in front of my naked body, covering up what is left to the imagination.  I have RESPECT of my femininity and I have class that will take me to much higher levels than being angry ever will.   Are their injustices in the world?  Sure.  But I believe anger feeds anger.   I do have a great sense of humor.  But I see this is being laughed at by the very people that should be hearing it as a voice of strength.  

My pinks represent the beauty around us, sunsets, delicate flowers, little hats and mittens caringly knit for babies and grand children, the precious color of new life, the color of valentines that represent love ...  unicorn manes ... you get the idea.  My pinks are powerful in the way they make us beautiful.   Not angry.  Not nasty.  

I respect every human's right to speak their minds.   I respect all thoughts and all creative expression.  I even respect the indie-dyers who participated in this event.  We are after all, working women trying to make a living, and good for them to donating portions of their sales to charities of their choice.   My wish?   That we could use words that make us stronger.  Become a powerful force of strong minds and thoughtful actions.   That I can show my daughter that there are some very, very good men out there, and that her brains and respect for her self shown through her intelligence, soft voice and meaningful words can move mountains.  Learn from the strong women in our history.  

Just my two cents.  

Be kind to one another.