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Romney Ridge Yarns is Back On the Move!

Kelly Corbett4 Comments

That title got your attention didn't it???   :)

I am sitting here at my rather large class table at the shop listening to the cars go by.  People walk by, some chatting on their phones, some laughing with friends.  Life is going on outside and I am sitting here talking with the occasional person who stops by to say hello.   I get it.  Yarn is not bread or milk ... though some of us need it to survive. :)  I also get that you all can't come hang out with me every day lol! 

I decided to try a retail space.  I said way back in the beginning that I would give it a year.   The idea was big and the people behind me were bigger.  For them I am grateful.  I have no sadness as I plan to close my doors at 18 Market Street, instead I have learned that being in 4 walls everyday is just not for me! :):)  ...but hey, we do have to try things right?   

I love people!  I love talking and gabbing and laughing!  I love markets and shows and festivals!  I love teaching and learning.   I detest sitting and I can feel myself getting a little wider from all the sitting I do as the owner of a fixed business ... in a fixed space.  I'm loggin' a lot more miles on my running shoes to make up for it! :)

  • So my dear, sweet, supportive, wonderful, friends, I am excited to go back on the road!  Yay! 
  • Nothing changes except my location. 
  • My yarns, my classes, my friends who help me -all still here, all still good. 
  •  UNWIND will still take place in August, so hurry and choose your classes!   
  • I'll be at Rhinebeck in October and FFNE in November! 
  • My days at the Wayland Winter Markets will continue and with any luck you will see me a little south of New England!   
  • I have some exciting new yarns in the works annnnd some great projects with some excellent partners happening soon. 
  • And of course you can always find me right here at   

So Romney Ridge Yarns will move on to the next phase at the end of August.   There will be no closing sales and clearances, I value my work too much to just sell it off,  and besides its not going away it's just moving! :)   Cause heaven knows Kelly can't sit still!  

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for always supporting my crazy adventures!

And many many XOXO's!!!   Hope to see you  while I am here at the shop! 

p.s. don't being me any coffee and pastries!   ;););)