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Own a part of our Limited Edition Summer Surprise Yarn!

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What a Spring!  What a Spring!  Yes I will say it twice because well, WHAT A SPRING!  LOL!  I feel a little like ole' Mom Nature was testing us with the endless storms and cold.  But here we are!  As always!  Enjoying the beautiful sounds, colors and smells of what is always promised when the days start to become longer!   

Summer Surprise Farm Blend - Limited Edition!

I spent a great deal of the last few weeks planning something special to reward us for our courage and tenacity.  Safely packed in a box for the past 8 months I have kept 30 pounds of Mohair and waited for it to tell me what to do with it.   Shiny, white, buttery curls all washed and ready to be blended with just the right wools to honor its beauty.   In March I purchased some lovely Finn fleeces from a local farmer in both white and dark shades.   Keeping the rich, chocolatey, dark fleeces separate for a second spinning, I will combine the white Finn with some white Romney from my boy's last shearing and to that I will add the mohair with a little twist ....   

 Wool and Mohair make a yummy combination! 

Wool and Mohair make a yummy combination! 

Most yarn I have spun in the past is natural un-dyed wool.   This time I have hand-dyed the mohair in bright bold colors!  Chartreuse!  Strawberry!  Aqua Blue and Orange!  All of these gorgeous colors will be blended with the wool during spinning!  How will this yarn turn out?  We will have to wait and see!  It will have the natural wool strands complimented with a soft, colorful mohair halo worthy of the pickiest of Unicorns. :)    This yarn will be woolen spun into a dk weight at about a 70/30 wool to mohair blend.  Perfect for our upcoming UNWIND Classes in August! 

Would you like some?  We are dropping off the fibers to be spun this weekend!  You can pre-order 100 yard skeins here!   Remember its a limited run so please hop on over and pre-order asap!     

Yarn will ship in Late June/early July!   

And we might just have a special pattern to share with your purchase! ;)