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A Jog On A Monday

Kelly CorbettComment

It's pretty clear Spring is taking her time to grace us with her gifts of warm breezes and sunshine.  I've been watching the brave little Crocus and Snow Drops peek from the cold ground giving us a taste of what's to come.   

When I was watching my ewes, waiting for obvious signs of babies arriving, I would slip into my stay-puf-marshmallow-man insulated overalls and clomp up to the barn coffee in one hand, warm water for my mamas in the other, and ask myself what ever possessed me to plan these lambs for such a cold arrival into the world.  Well, I had the honor of learning from experienced Maine Shepherdesses who taught me that lambs born in the cold grow up to be hardy adults.   Be prepared and focus on the important first moments, block the drafts, find the sun for them, and make sure the Mama's are treated like queens.   It was sound advice.  I never lost a lamb to the cold.  And by the time mud season rolled around, my hardy, hopping, popping babies were racing around and over the cold, wet mud and racing in and out of the sunbeams in the barn.   I was so proud the share them with all of you.  To share the happiness I felt watching those joyful little spirits without a care, loving life on my stay-forever-farm in Maine.  


In the early years of my farm, there was no You Tube, no Craftsy, no access to the internet in the barn when I would wait for the mama grunts and the reply of tiny little voices as they met for the first time.   I would take a few knitting books up to sit between bales when I knew the moment was coming soon.   I would take books to the barn along with some yarn and some needles and teach myself techniques as well as I could as the distractions were all around me.   My knitting skills left much to be desired,  but I happily twisted and looped the yarn on my needles and hoped I would find more time to improve.  

It's funny how much I loved, and was proud of the yarn I produced.    In those days I was far from being even a good knitter.   It has taken me years feel like I cannot sit without a project in hand.   In those days most nights I was so tired I would sit and nod off rather quickly after running my business, farm, family duties and just life in general.   I was a on a much different side of life.  I was a creator of yarn that couldn't make it into much of anything, but ohhhhhhhhh those gorgeous textures and colors I could produce!    :)

Today I find myself able to take the time to learn again.   I have retired my overalls, the sheep are happily placed in new forever homes, and my kids are needing me less and less, allowing me to take my years of knowledge to a different level.   I still have a lot to learn.   We all do, and thats what keeps life exciting.


A few Monday's ago I learned a simple technique that I am sure many of you know.  The seamless jog or -stripes without the stair steps.   It's beyond simple.  I had just never taken the time to try it, and now I am obsessed with making striped fingerless mittens and mittens!   Round and round and round and ADD A NEW COLOR and slip that last stitch!   Annnnnnnnnd round and round and round again and ohhhhhhh how about a little purple??!!!  Orange??  .... oh so fun!   

So I am making Making Mondays a personal goal for myself.  It might be once a week or once a month.  But I am going to master new things starting this spring.  Improve on myself and share with others.  

Happy Creative Mondays to you!!