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Mix and Match Mitts Kits!

Kelly CorbettComment

Something finally happened today.   Something good.   Something I have been waiting for.   I sneezed.  I sneezed and looked up at the bright sun and looked around me and Spring tousled my hair with it's warm breeze.   How looooooooooooooong we have waited for you!   The forsythia and the magnolia trees are blooming!  The grass is many shades greener!  The little, colorful songbirds are singing!   Close your eyes and put your face up to the sun and feel how your spirits will lift!  Spring is a little bit late, but Spring is finally here.   

I've been playing with color.  Playing with fun little Farm Blend Minis that I have complained about, cranking out hundreds of them on my skein winder for our Lake Winnipesaukee Hat with my good friend Maryly Matthewman designed.  They are a little tedious to make, but oh what fun mixing and matching each little 50 yards of yummy rich color with its friends!  What fun laying them out in a row and choosing colors for little projects like my all time favorite ... fingerless mitts.

 Mix and Match up Your Colors! 

Mix and Match up Your Colors! 

Choosing from 6 colors I have put these simple kits together for colorful, easy take-along projects as summer and traveling approach.   Each kit contains 6 -50 yard skeins of Farm Blend, the basic pattern, and a pair of lovely bamboo dpns!   Mix and match the colors!  The kit makes 2 pair of adult size mitts and one child size!   You’ll get a handy little cotton bag to put your work in as you travel around and always have a fun colorful project to work on! 

Happy Knitting