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Tiny House

Kelly Corbett5 Comments

Have you seen them? The little creatively designed and organized tiny houses that are taking the world my storm? They are small, and quite genius in their use of space and chic design. Pretty cool if you ask me. A statement of downsizing in this world of “stuff”.

I have never been a “stuff” person. Never have I seen the need for so much clutter or “stuff” to pack away after the holidays. I’ve kept a small collection of Christmas ornaments made by my kids, and even some my mother kept that I made as a child. Over the years we’ve made paper snowflakes and paper chains for Christmas, colored paper and carved pumpkins were the usual Halloween decorations, and many of the same creations happened on most of the holidays when my kids were little. It’s been my way to stay “tiny” yet fun.

Honestly, I could never live in a tiny house. They look so crisp and organized, and imagine how little you would have to clean! :) My creature comforts are, in my mind, things that serve a purpose. My immense shoe and boot collection, my stack of blankets and comforters because I am cold all of the time, my cooking bowls, pottery dishes, gadgets and utensils … and of course my treadmill which serves as a clothes hanger until winter keeps me off the roads. All top of the line purchases that have lasted me for years. To me I still exist in a “tiny house” which is where I plan to always stay.


As the “buy, buy, buy” season approaches and the push to save, save, save is on I find myself exhausted with the cars with red bows and happy women whose husbands buy them new washers and dryers. Then there is the endless blue heart with support your local businesses -one day a year??? Think about that. Shop Small Saturday. Once a year? Small Business Saturday is a wonderful promotion for us, sadly though I think that it falls short. Just my opinion. I have chosen not to participate anymore. I’ll leave offering sales and discounts to the big stores who can afford the losses. For me personally I try and structure my products to be fairly priced, and to be giving to my customers with free shipping once a month, and occasional, thoughtful little gifts of appreciation.

Little things to help small businesses throughout the year include paying with cash when you can, saying a few words of kindness in a review on their google pages, yelp pages and websites or social media, and of course sharing with your friends. All free. All helpful and important.

In keeping with my “tiny house” theme, I have been reviewing my numbers -the boring yet very important part of being a business owner. :) Over the years I have kept track of colors, weights, and even textures of yarns. Like any business, when products aren’t performing, we must think about their “worth”. For me, the time and effort involved in creating a yarn color or texture must have a profitable return. It’s how I keep my “doors” open. So I have decided to only custom dye a few of my lines. Those brightly colored crazy Unicorn Sock Yarns? You can still get them, you tell me what you’d like and I will custom dye them for you! NIMBUS? It’s so sweet and lovely, but Farm Blend, Downeast and Southport seem to be much more popular, perhaps because of the larger yardage? Either way, You can still order NIMBUS if you’d like some, and I will dye it right on the spot for you. Just shoot me an email and let’s talk. :)

I also am opting out of sending emails. Thank you for accepting me into your inbox over the years, but I have created a lovely website for you to visit and promise to keep it current and updated. Many of you follow me on facebook and instagram, events and announcements will always be posted there. And since the fees for card processing continue to rise, I will be using only Paypal as a means to check out on my website. You do not have to have paypal account to checkout, and if you get stuck I will gladly talk you through it.:)


Since many of the yarns I create are unique blends and change from year to year, I will be sorting through the last of them this week and putting them on a SALE page. A new batch of Farm Blend is in the works at the mill and that excites me. Creating these unique, one-time yarns is what I do best and keeps me very inspired. They are 100 -150 pound runs and different in color and texture every time!


I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season ahead. I’m beyond grateful for the support and kindness you give me though out the year. And here’s a bit of a teaser …. I’ve been writing about my 20 years of farming and what it taught me about the endless struggle to achieve balance, being a mom, being a woman and being a creative spirit. It’s brutally honest. But isn’t life? :)