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Kelly CorbettComment

Wow! 6 months in to being an official brick and mortar location.     Yes, we are still in the beginnings of 365 new days of 2018.   I am not a believer in resolutions.  I have accepted that I’m too scattered would rather not set myself up for failure.  So instead I like to look back and think about the positives and the negatives of the year.  Then make sure I do not allow those negatives back in and welcome many more positives in with open arms.  

I realized a few months ago as I planned to open my first retail space in a downtown setting, seems funny to say that after many years of selling yarn from my garden shed on my farm in Maine, that I am where I am because it’s where I am supposed to be.   What Kelly? ....  I know, I know ... I’m confusing lol.   But it’s true.   My journey over the past 20 years has introduced me to many important people, people who taught me how to best raise my animals, process my wool, and effectively run my farm.   They have been fellow shepherds and shepherdesses, makers, and business people.  They have run shops and traveled to shows and started their farms and businesses and they have ended their farms and businesses as they too are moving on to something different.  I like to say “different” because I don’t think we should say move on to something better because we truly don’t know if it is until we try.   


As the idea of and the reality of owning a yarn shop came together fear crept in many times and I'll admit is still does from time to time.  Fear of balance, fear of success and of course ... fear of failure.  I have walked down many paths so far in my almost 45 years on this earth, taken on many roles, and can say with utmost confidence that it is dangerous to never say never.  

Im writing this post to ask for your thoughts.   Do you know what goes on behind the scenes of the yarns you buy?  From Farm to LYS, do you know the process and daily routine of the indie dyer? Of the shepherds and shepherdesses? Of the shop owner?  I do.  I am all three.  I have followed and people and trends the fiber industry from farm to retail to wholesale for over 20 years. 

I have raised the sheep, lugged the hay and water buckets, worked with the mills, traveled from show to show, Market to Market, created my own brand, built my web presence, and dyed hundreds of thousands of yards of yarns ...and in between raised three kids - yup I like to pat myself on the back for that last one because you moms out there know that that IS the hardest job. :)

  I make a living doing what I love as do my fellow farmers, indie dyers, pattern writers, fiber arts teachers, and Shop owners.  In this Industry we very relevant and so are you.  So can I ask you to have an honest conversation with me?   Tell me about you.  Your knitting wants and desires.:)  Tell me what would bring you into our community of makers.   Will you come to our shop Wed nights to knit, corchet, spin ...create!  Tell me how to make our shop a destination.   Would you like to see more indie pop ups?  What sort or classes and workshops do you find useful?   Are you a small business owner as well who could benefit from monthly lunch and learn sessions?   Let's talk!   Lets network and share!   Together we succeed! I am happy to share my space. :)