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Fire Up Your Needles!!

Kelly Corbett2 Comments

And they are off!  And on their way to you!  One skein of hand-dyed-gradient-speckled-vibrant- super-cool NIMBUS, one skein of lovely, classy, natural white NIMBUS, a charming little summer stitch holder ( mostly for fun ) and a little note you must read before you start. :) 


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am excited to have you along for my first KAL.   Those of you who know me know I am a "quick project" knitter, as my attention span is about as long as a tiny, muppet-like dachshund's whisker ...   So as I was toying with the idea of gradient colors AND speckled yarn, I worked my confusing unicorn magical powers into a slightly time-consuming dye process   -sounds technical right?   The end result is just so fun and unpredictable and dare I say  ... magical? :):)

My hope is that while you are knitting FIREWORKS, you will feel little urges to keep knitting, keep seeing what each row brings, and watch the color soften and then a little POP of color happens.:)   The pattern is simple, no need to keep referring or counting rows, the yarn does all of the work for you and surprises you as you go!   

As I knit the fist shawl sample, and I actually refer to it as a skinny shawl,  I watched the ends start to curl and thought how perfectly this wraps around you!   The two skeins make a flowing garment that can easily be worn as a scarf, shawl or even a cowl!   The white edge can be the top or the bottom and it's just so classy!   I have samples knit in size 6, 7, and 8 needles, it is beautiful in each one.  

Sooooooo ... very important.   When you receive your package.   There is a piece of yarn tied to the end of the speckled yarn.   This is the dark part of the skein you will be casting on with.  You will need to wind it into a ball starting with the other end.   

Your package includes a tag with a CODE on it to use to download the pattern for FREE.  There also is a CODE for you to receive $5.00 any new order incase you might like to add a third or fourth skein, or for any order you like. My personal THANK YOU to you!!

  • Please share your progress on Instagram using #romneyridgeKAL.
  • Join our Facebook Group and share your progress as well.

Remember we don't start until July 20th so that gives everyone time to get their yarn ready.          I cant WAIT to see your progress!!!!