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The craziness started two days ago.   I had experimented dyeing some of my favorite little NIMBUS skeins in a well thought out way that was a combination of the very popular speckled yarns and the very popular gradient yarns.   What if I could pull the colors out of one packet of dye, stronger on one section, then fading away gradually until you have the base yarn shade?   I prepared the white bases, consulted the Unicorns in my head, took a leap of faith with my skill, and BAM!  .... pulled these out of the dye pots! 

Then, I sat and looked at them.  I walked by them many times, fought the obvious, then made a command decision, they needed to be knit in garter stitch ... why did I fight it?   Its such a pretty stitch!  So, having been on a knit-a-million-triangles tear, creating a bunting for my wool wagon, I picked up a set of size 7 circular needles, cast on 13 stitches, and began.

 I only increased twice on the 4th stitch on each end by knitting into the front and back of the stitch, until I had 67 rows, then I increased on every 4th and 10th stitch on each end  -increasing by 4 stitches per row.  When I switch to the next skein, I will continue the 4 stitch increase.  

So here is the progression of The Fabulous Fireworks Shawl! 

Now comes the fun part, the part where I want to share!  This is a very, very, very simple pattern.  You only need to know how to cast on,  knit and increase -kfb, and bind off! Thats it! I checked Ravelry and Pinterest and of course this is a common pattern known as a crescent shawl.   But what makes this one really fun is the way the yarn works up!  You won't want to stop knitting as you watch the colors lighten, speckle, and then fade away!   It's addicting! :)


SOOOOOOOO .... I invite you to join a Fabulous Fireworks KAL in JULY!   If we start them now we can share them at UNWIND!   

I'll set the date to start as July 20th so we can have something to look forward to for relaxing after the 4th.  Take it to the beach!  Throw it in your car! Its a small enough project to take on the go! 



Hop on over here to order your yarn asap as I will need all pre-orders and sign ups by July 6th.  All yarns will be freshly dyed based on your orders! Fresh yarn! yesssssssss!!!                          

Color Choices are:

  • Black Speckles
  • Peacock Blue Speckles
  • Cherry Speckles
  • Emerald Green Speckles

You will receive one Speckled Skein of your choice and one natural white - 332 yards total.       

The pattern will be FREE on  our website. :)

  • Pre-order your yarn and sign up by July 6th ( pattern is free ). 
  • Join our Facebook group to share your progress.
  • Share on Instagram using #romneyridgeKAL.
  • Finish your Fabulous Fireworks Shawl by September 1st to be entered into a drawing to receive a $50 gift certificate to Romney Ridge Yarns & Wool!
  • Everyone who finishes by September 1st receives $5 off any order from Romney Ridge Yarns & Wool! 

SUMMER IS HERE!   Let's have some fun!  Share with your friends especially the beginner knitters you know, as this is so easy and will keep them motivated! 

I'm looking forward to seeing your success!