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Hi I am Kelly, and I am curvy.

Kelly CorbettComment

Hi I am Kelly.  Mother of three, working mom, sorta-kinda runner, biker and wanderer.   I'm a knitter -far from the best, but I am always learning.  I have knit hats, scarves, cowls, mittens, fingerless mitts -all small projects.  But I have never knit a sweater.  Oh I have collected many patterns and stockpiled yarn and talked myself into starting one, but I have never committed.  Why you ask?  Well these have been my excuses over the years ....

I hate sitting.  Every time I sit down I think, "But I should be doing something work related."   It's a  double-edged sword being a business owner who loves what she does.   I am surrounded by the beautiful yarns I create, but I cant justify making something for myself ... silly I know.

I can't start something that I have to leave and come back too a lot.   My attention span is ....welll .....oooo look pretty clouds .......

And here is my #1 excuse.   I have a very curvy shape and the patterns I like rarely look like they will fit me, and even if modified, I don't see them as what I need to "cover my flaws".  

So I thought long and hard about it the past few weeks.   I am the first to admit I am not happy with my shape.   But I also won't refuse a plate of nachos and a nice cold IPA if set in front of me.  :)  I accept  that I am 44 years old and though I am very active, things start to slow down and gravity becomes harder to fight ... but I am still hand-made sweater worthy!:)

So I am committing!   And here is what I think needs to happen to make me follow through and finish!   It has to be simple!   It has to have color!  It has to fit my shoulders and not pull up when I put my arms up and I don't want to keep pulling it down over my butt, so it needs some increases as I get to my hips.  It needs to be simple stitches where I don't have to count much.  I will measure as I go so it fits me now as I am ... who I am. Not when I think I am going to drop a few more pounds.  I am not a size 10.   My sweater needs capped sleeves not full sleeves.  I'll get bored ... lol!   

I look at all the patterns and I see very few designed for me ... I AM CURVY! :) 

 So Cast on, Knit, Purl, M1L, M1R, Increase, Decrease, and Bind Off.   Simple simple.  Make it up as I go!   Time to finish that swatch!