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Cape Ann Capelet

Kelly CorbettComment

If you are lucky enough to live near the coast, any coast in this beautiful world, and you re lucky enough to see the whitecaps on the waves and the gorgeous shades of blue that change with the seasons then you are indeed blessed.  I grew up on an island in Maine where the ocean is deep and salty and dark in depth of color especially during the fall and winter months.   During summer, the skies host the most amazing billowing clouds and breezes that reflect and manipulate the water.   It's gorgeous and earthy and I love to sit on the rocks and breathe it all in.   

This spring, when I needed a "deep ocean fix" I found a place called Fort Stage Park  -not too far from me in Gloucester Massachusetts.  I drove down with Cosmo and though it was too cold to really wander around much, the ocean was as I expected, bluer than blue and sparkling in the bright afternoon sunshine.   We continued around the area until we were in a place called Cape Ann.   The ocean meets the land with such power and force and carves its masterpiece in the cliffs and gifts us with the round and jagged rocks we find as we beach comb in the summer months.   


I returned to these beautiful places a few weeks back to see the shift from the colder months to a warmer time.    I thought about a sweet little wrap inspired by the colors of the ocean and the land.   A piece you could snug around your neck when it is cold and slip over your shoulders when it is breezy.  

I designed the Cape Ann Caplet in my head that day and came home to dye some North Shore fingering weight in a Summer Ocean Blue which combined lovely with Hops Green and then it happened, with a HUGE thank you to Zwitsa who took my idea and put needles to yarn to knit me a sample!  


The Cape Ann Caplete is the PERFECT summer, throw in your bag cover-up!  You'll receive two specialty dyed skeins of our North Shore Fingering-weight merino yarns and printed pattern!  

We chose this yarn for it's light-weight super softness and it's awesome elasticity, making it perfect for wearing the caplet as a cozy cowl or pulling it over your shoulders ... it's really two garments in one! 

You can order your Cape Ann Caplete Kit on our website and get started on this simple summer knit! Kits ship June 2nd!


Kelly & Cosmo