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Behind the Scenes

Kelly Corbett4 Comments

We often hear things said such as "behind every great man is a great woman" or "behind the scenes" .... truth is what's behind greatness is often quiet and oh so cherished.  We all need special things, people and creatures that help motivate you and excite you and those who share in your passions.    Quite often I start my day looking at the list I made the day before of the things I needed to do.  I try and finish the unfinished and add to the list and in between the many "distracting" moments of the sunlight shining through the trees just right, or the flock of crows gathering on the lawn across the street, or maybe the the soaking wet skeins of freshly dyed yarns I hold and let the water drain out of watching the colors change as the fibers begin to fluff up ...... you get the idea, I think of my "behind the scenes" and the "greatness" that helps me in this creative journey and that put the ideas in my head into finished.

I have always said that  I have never met an artsy-fartsy person I didn't like.    Now this doesn't mean they have to be knitters or spinners, hookers or weavers, but it is many times what has caused us to meet.  :)


First, Roberta.   Roberta and a group her knitting friends visited my farm in Maine years ago and we all knit and laughed and they even got a chance to experience Romeo my goat who, at the end of the day, hoped up on the food table and helped himself to the left overs!   For several years now she has helped me put my ideas into completed pieces, knit samples for me and given me expert advice as well as sent me little surprises here and there. I love you Roberta!  Thank you!!  xoxoxo  


Adam.   I met Adam last fall when he contacted me to see if I could teach him to spin.   He arrived at my farm with a homemade apple pie and the sweetest smile I have ever seen.   He shared his beautiful knitting talents and at the end of the day went home with a new appreciation for farm produced yarns.  He is enthusiastic and encourages me and I, in turn, drive him crazy with my endless ideas and changes of direction in the middle of our conversations! :)   Being a successful business owner himself, Adam understands the challenges and excitement and true love of the entrepreneur.  Being an artist he understands the beautiful mess I become when I get excited and have new ideas.   Without him I would not have my Unicorn Sock samples finished for years  -yes I can knit, but time is not on my side with other aspects of running my business and I do not have the skill he has.    Adam has taught me to look at my business and my yarns in a different way, and most importantly to embrace the new changes in my life.   xoxo my friend xoxo!



Maryly.   Maryly is a true free spirit.  It shows in her work.  She is kind and giving and anyone who has taken her class has left with excitement and an new found talent within themselves.   She teaches you to step outside the box and to try new things.  She never allows you to say "I could never do that" as she shows you that you really can.   Maryly loves my colors and yarns and I love her vision.  She can turn my crazy multi-colored skeins into beautiful landscapes in a textured hat or a gorgeous color flowing patterned pair of mittens.   I so enjoy seeing her leave with a handful of my skeins and and returning with a masterpiece!  xoxo Maryly


Joyce.   I only recently met Joyce and am so happy she lives close so close to me!   She is  a multi-talented fiber artist, weaving beautiful rugs with an eye for color, and enthusiastically working with me on a new set of knitting patterns that I have wanted to get started for a few months!  We work between texts and over coffee and she sees things differently and the same as I do at the same time.   Thank you Joyce for you're encouragement and for listening to my crazy ideas!  I'm excited to work with you more and more! 

There are many more of you to whom I owe my gratitude, my customers, my friends, my kids, my little Cosmo who patiently waits for me to take breaks and walkies ... so many more.  Keep watching as the year  is just beginning, I have lots to share. :)