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Changes, Unicorns & Fat Sheep

Kelly CorbettComment

What would life be would be without changes?  In New England the bigest changes we see are in seasons and weather.   As we experience these hot summer days, we know snowy cold winter days aren't too far off.   But in-between the crisp air will return and Mother Nature will grace us the beautiful colors of Fall.  Changes in life and surroundings and  even business are necessary to succeed.  A stagnant pool fills with despair, but a flowing, ever changing stream sings a song and spreads joy -yep, I made that up, pretty deep huh? ;)

So into my ever changing stream, I am adding new yarns, new colors, new dyeing techniques and along the way inspiring myself and learning new skills and remembering old.  Like my NIMBUS Yarns, these yarns are outside sourced, meaning American grown & spun.  Of course I will continue to produce my Farm Blend Yarns from my sheep and Angora Goats, and locally grown wools and fibers, but what kind of a business woman would I be if I did not continuously grow and change and embrace the new and enhance the old?  It's exciting to bring in the new lines and work with new fibers.  It's exciting to create with new dye techniques, and it's fulfilling to be able to offer my customers more options for their creativity.  

 Knit some warmth with  Unicorn Sunshine RR Sock Yarn ! 

Knit some warmth with Unicorn Sunshine RR Sock Yarn

Keep watching! I have new color ways and ideas just bursting out out of my brain! The Unicorns and the sheep have joined forces and what they have in store is truly brilliant! :) 

 Beautiful, warm, soft RR Fat Sheep Bulky 

Beautiful, warm, soft RR Fat Sheep Bulky 

Some of these yarns are available now along with my traditional Farm Blend and NIMBUS.  Take a look on my website if you like, and be sure to visit the EVENTS page for upcoming, markets, shows and classes!