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Finding Your Happy Place.

Kelly CorbettComment

You know the best place in the world to be is your happy place.   For me its in the middle of a flock of crazy spoiled close-talker sheep.  That was my farm, built from a few chosen, some unwanted, and several "okay, drop em offs."  They all fit in, they all serve a purpose and I love them all.   

The earliest plan was a few sheep to provide me with wool for my own enjoyment.  But I fell in love and I remember saying to myself one morning as I was finishing up feeding my small flock of four, "I wish I had more to do."   I loved caring for them and being outside and enjoying the peacefulness they brought.   

Now as I am making changes and expanding I am hopeful that the Kickstarter Campaign I am running will be fulfilled ... and WOW!  ...I am so close.  Only 4 days to go. As of 6pm tonight I am only $1778 away from my goal.   I hope I've been very tactful and polite in the ways I have shared and reminded folks that I am running the campaign ... none likes a nag :)  I also tried to choose enjoyable rewards for my backers.  I am so GRATEFUL for the support so far.  So what can you do to help at this critical point?  It's simple ...SHARE.  

  • Ask your friends who support small farms, and small business if they might contribute,  I realize not everyone is a knitter, but maybe they know someone who is and could use a reward as a gift.  
  • If 355 people pledged $5 each we would be fulfilled! 
  • Share with your Guilds
  • Share with your friends
  • Ask a friend to match your pledge.   
  • Get a group of friends together and back the BLOCK PARTY where we felt and dye and laugh and learn! 

It's final push time .. only 4 days to go!   Please read about my idea again and know its an plan for teaching, sharing, and promoting fiber arts and small farms like mine.   The sky's the limit! :)