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Kickstarter UPDATES!

Kelly Corbett3 Comments

Cosmo and I just sat and sorted through all of the orders we just received.  On top of that we tallied all of the Kickstarter rewards we need to put together, and then he made me eat almost a whole container of Trader Joe's Tomato Basil Hummus ... lol.  It's HOT outside and through the window I can see it is breezy,  but in front of the fan is the place to be until the sun goes down and we can take a night time walk before bed time.   

The next few days will involve collecting addresses, organizing the rewards, ordering dyes and just getting everything pulled together.   I am still very humbled by the response I received even up the the last few hours of the campaign support came in.  I can't wait to put the backers banner together and see your names every time I look at it.  Your support gives me such a kick start to the next phase of my business and I am sooooo BEYOND grateful. <3<3

Most rewards will be a few months coming, some a little sooner.  I have some dyeing to do based on choices, and the Farm Blend yarns will be freshly spun and beautifully dyed.  The 2017 calendars of course will ship in late November after they are printed, and if you chose the Mitten Pattern Collection as a printed reward, I will just need to have them printed and packed.  

So bear with me, because somewhere in between I need to order my trailer and custom build the inside! :):):):) Thankfully I have a few volunteers ready to roll!  

Happy Creating!