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Beyond Grateful .... <3

Kelly Corbett9 Comments

How does it feel to put on a sweater, a hat or a pair of mittens made from wool? It's  beautiful, warm, cozy .... heavenly.   For me it's more than that, because my yarns have for many, many years come from my friends.   My peaceful, sweet, beautiful sheep.   My inspiration.  

This morning I woke up to a message fro Kickstarter.  Ready? Set? Scream! Your project hit it's goal!  CONGRATULATIONS!  WOW!  How do you say thank you enough?  How do you let the people who support you know how much it means with a sincerity that comes through?  I have plans.:)  You will see soon.   After the work of making this project road and market ready, after all of the rewards have shipped, after the markets and shows are attended.  I have some ideas to "pay it forward" as they say.   

So for now, I have a lot to wrap my head around and get organized and some reward dyeing to do!   I"M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!