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Romney Ridge is MOVING! :)

Kelly Corbett13 Comments

Yes you read that right!  We are moving to a new location in the sweet little town of Rowley Massachusetts! With so many changes and great chance for growth, my many hours of traveling back and forth sooooooooooo many miles on the highway are about to be put to better use.   Time to move the whole shebang closer to the areas where our markets and shows and events take place!  

So how does one pick up and move almost 17 years of a farm and business?  Well you rely on good friends  who say, "You can do this Kelly!" and you take a gigantic leap of faith ... and off you go!  Tomorrow I pick up the truck and trailer to deliver my sheep, goats and pony.  I'll spend the first of the week traveling back and forth until they are all safe and sound at my friend Lynne's ( your a lifesaver Lynne! ) for a while until we are all settled.  My studio is packed and my office is packed and my large collection of shoes are packed :). My first market day is June 26th, so I am cramming this all into a few weeks at which time my youngest son, Sam graduates from the 8th grade.  Life goes by so fast.

I have found a place that is offering me a unique opportunity, but I will explain that as I go.  For now it's just time to just embrace what's ahead.  I am thankful for so many who put there faith in me and show me so much love.