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An ounce of kindness ...

Kelly Corbett1 Comment
 Mowers :)

Mowers :)

When my oldest son left for college, I took over his room as an office.  On the second floor, I am closer to the clouds, I can see the little birds making nests in the maple tree, and best of all I can watch my sheep grazing on the lawn.  Yes it is a little distracting, but nature should distract us from screens and keyboards and noise if only for a few minutes off and on every day.  

I'm going to rant for just a second about hard working entrepreneurs and creative people with visions ... and about kindness.   As you know I started a Kickstarter Campaign in hopes it could help me take my business to the next level.  I have had much encouragement and kindness and "you go girl" support for which I am beyond grateful.  




During the many hours of research and number crunching and ideas to give the best rewards I could, I researched other campaigns.  It was enlightening and impressed with how creative people can be.  See a need ... fill a need.   Have a passion for something?  Work hard and make it happen, and if you can, give back along the way.  

 LOVE my Starbucks, but I could give up a few to help a fellow artist.  

LOVE my Starbucks, but I could give up a few to help a fellow artist.  

Crowdfunding in my eyes is exchanging the cost of cup of coffee a few times a week to helping a person who has a vision.   Helping them avoid the costs of loans, which has to be paid back, and just giving a little "leg up".  It is not begging for money as one unkind person said to me.  You create rewards from which your backers can choose so there is something given back in return.  

A post on a popular knitting site caught my eye this afternoon.  It was for The Yarnit, an innovative, multifunctional, American made clear yarn globe that keeps your yarn clean and dry as you knit.  The inventor created the smaller version that has been quite successful, and now she is hoping for a little "leg up" to manufacture the larger version.   

Here is her explanation of how Kickstarter works.  

Could you take a minute to let me explain the Kickstarter Program?
It is an ALL or NOTHING funding site.

Either we meet our goal $55K or we get NOTHING and none of you who have pledged is charge a cent.

If we reach or exceed our goal, then upon the close, Kickstarter keeps 10% of your money and gives us the rest which we will use to immediately go into production of the Big Sully and fulfill all the rewards we posted.

126 of you have pledged already and I am so very grateful for everyone of you but we are far far away from reaching our goal. All of your names will be shouted out soon.
What we need to do is get our page elevated to a higher positon on Kickstarter project page making us more visible to new outside backers.
The criteria that does this for us is the number of pledges (not the amount) and nice comments.

Could you reach out to everyone you know and ask them just to go to my site and pledge even a $1.00 to help me move my page higher in the project page.
Some have asked if they can make more than one pledge and I believe you can my using multiple devices ie phones, ipads, computers etc.
Thanks and I so appreciate you pledge and anything else you can do

To me it was well written describing the process.   The comments were uncalled for and just not nice.   Sure you can buy something cheaper and maybe this is not for you  ... but if you can't say something nice then please consider the inventor's passion for their product and had work and keep your unkindness to yourself.   

So I will gladly be donating to Kate's campaign.  A few bucks to help another creator, designer, entrepreneur etc.  It's so easy to be kind ... just my thoughts.  xoxo