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                                                          MIDCOAST MITTENS IN SPRUCE ISLAND COLORS

                                                         MIDCOAST MITTENS IN SPRUCE ISLAND COLORS

Sometimes its the simple things that make life so enjoyable.   Hand knit mittens are always a favorite of mine.  I must confess though, I am famous for fingerless mittens, because I never seem to be able to focus long enough to pay attention to patterns and decreasing and adding the thumb …lol, I know, I know … :)   But after spending numerous hours on Pinterest and ooooohhhing and aaaaahhhhhing over the beautiful mittens I found, I decided I needed to create a very simple pattern for myself and to share with others.   So I practiced, and counted and ripped out and started over and swore a little and put my mind to it, then I stopped and walked away from it and came back … and then I stopped trying so hard, and my Midcoast Mittens came together.  

I have always loved to dye my yarn in colors that make knitting interesting.  Solid shades?  Nahhhhhhhhh ... I want to get excited to see what the next row will look like.   So I decided to dye two shades, a red hues and a blue hues and they would compliment the beautiful oatmeal shade of the natural un-dyed yarn. 

So of course Romney Ridge 2016 Farm Blend was the perfect yarn.  

I decided to put them into a kit and I wanted something special to go with them.  The pattern is very basic and easy for the beginner … or like me, the knitter who has limited time and focus. :)  So I searched for some yummy organic soap and found Copper Tail Farm in Waldoboro.   



Copper Tail Farm is a small farm in midcoast Maine run by Christelle Munnelly & Jon McKee.  They started farming out in Oregon as farmhands on a goat and cattle farm. After falling in love with goats (and deciding to move back east to be closer to family), they loaded up their livestock trailer with 28 chickens and 8 goats and moved their farm cross country. They farmed on leased land for one year, then purchased their very own farm in the spring of 2015.


The animals at Copper Tail Farm are lovingly and humanely raised. Their dairy goats browse on 23 acres, eat organic grain and local hay, and are never given any hormones.

“ Goat health and happiness are priorities of ours. We keep our mamas with their babies until the kids are ready to be weaned. This means more work (and less milk) for us, but we believe it is better for the goats. Our goat kids get to indulge, and we think you should too with our farmstead goat milk products!"

Goat Milk Soap is gentle and nourishing, and is great for sensitive skin.   Copper Tail Farm soaps never include chemical perfumes, artificial dyes, or preservatives. The raw goat milk is combined with organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic castor oil, and organic essential oils when financially feasible. Tangerine poppy has just the right amount of poppy seeds to exfoliate your skin. Seaweed is scented with Rosemary and Lime, and actually has dried seaweed in the bar. Seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for your skin.




So why soap?   Well, we wear mittens in the winter to keep us warm and protect our skin.  After I finished my mittens, I washed them in Copper Tail soap, blocked them and they smelled oooohhhh so good.  My hands felt wonderful, the yarn "bloomed" and were soft.  These mittens will be long wearing and strong.  Choose from two earthy and natural colors.   Choose your favorite Midcoast Mitten Kits here!