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Thank you. <3

Kelly CorbettComment

Somedays I fight some pretty big battles.   Not every day is full of sunshine and lollipops and even at my age I am still learning that every experience, good or bad somehow serves a purpose.  


This time of year used to be a time I looked forward to every single year.   Lambs.   Beautiful, sweet, innocent, babies.   Spring for me meant new life to watch, care for and enjoy.  Tiny little sweet-smelling bundles that I couldn’t get enough of.  I have such good memories of watching my kids interact with those babies, watching the mamas proud and protective of their lambs, and just letting life slow down to sit on a bucket and watch babies play, bounce, feel full of them selves and be brave, then hop, hop, hop over to the protective sides of their mamas when they strayed too far.  

I made a decision two years ago to not have lambs for a while as my life was getting so busy with work and kid’s schedules and keeping up became a little difficult.  To me if I cannot give 100% in what I do, I will not do it.   Thankfully I have good friends who let me come and enjoy their babies.   It helps, but it isn’t quite the same.  


Things are changing for me.   I am accepting a little defeat yet seeing my glass half full.   Always.   


Thank you to everyone who gives me encouragement and enjoys the things I share.   Pictures, little videos, etc … I share them because they make me happy and I fully believe we should share happiness.   Reading your reviews on my Facebook page, and the little messages you send just saying “hey” :)  They all mean soon much to me.    


I will be asking for a little help in the upcoming months.   I have plans and ideas that need input and I value yours.   


I don’t see you as customers or “followers”.  I see you as good kind people.  My friends.  xxoo