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Kelly CorbettComment

Somedays I am truly humbled by the kind people I have met on this adventure. When I started this business many years ago, I knew to be happy I need to feed my creative soul daily. I also needed to balance being a mom and running a business. Though it has been tricky, and somedays seems nearly impossible to keep up, how fortunate am I that my "work" truly can and has accomplished both.  I am grateful beyond words for the people in my life that see my vision, share my messy and unorganized self, and embrace my "crazy"  .... as it to some it must truly be. :)

Yesterday I was remembering the shepherds and shepherdesses who I have met and who have shared their knowledge and stories of their journeys with me freely and with kindness and holding nothing back.  I am a realist and I know you must take the good with the bad. I often hear their words when I am faced with challenges not just with my flock, but with life.   How fortunate am I to have had them in my life.  For them I am grateful.  

My work has taken me to places I would have never been, not just to visit,  but to enjoy and share with others who enjoy art and color and creating and making and farming and mud and being dirty and that good exhausted at the end of the day.  The many shows and Markets I attend have brought so many good people into my life.  Artists, designers, farmers, makers and so many more.... for them I am grateful.

When I was a little girl growing up on an island in Maine I looked forward to Sunday afternoons when life slowed down and my folks would take us visiting.  We would sit around a neighbor's kitchen tables and sip tea and enjoy homemade cookies and laugh about the week or some silly joke my dad would tell.   In the summertime we would island hop and explore.  It taught me to breathe in deeply and to get lost in the ever changing clouds that painted the summer skies, it made me appreciate.  It made me hungry for more.   For those days and those memories I am grateful.  

Where are you from? Where have you been?  And where do you wish to be?  Is it a place?   Or is is a state of mind?  Maybe both.   Where will this year take you?  Where will you find inspiration and who will you share your love of life with?   Romney Ridge is changing, evolving, adjusting to new and embracing different.   Here's hoping you will experience goodness in this new year and that it will be filled with greatness and fullness and happiness and most importantly the courage to always believe in yourself.   xxoo