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Hello and welcome to our new site.

Kelly CorbettComment

Years ago when my kids were little and my farm was little, I learned to spin and dye wool.   I had three sheep and a duck ... life was little.   I cleaned out my garden shed and painted a sign on a piece of canvas drop cloth. It said Y A R N S hand painted in swirly, colorful letters.  I stapled the sign on to a sawhorse and placed it on the side of the road.   No website, no blog, no facebook, no twitter, no instagram .... just simple and little.   As my kids grew, and my farm grew and my business grew I made changes and grew with them all.   My life is a constant state of evolution and i am great full for the joy it brings me.  

I have designed the new website to be clean and easily navigated.  You'll find all of our YARNS - Farm Blend, Willow, and now NIMBUS and NIMBUS Heathers as well as a new category I am excited to offer called  Occasional Yarns which will feature yarns from several of my fellow fiber farms as well as occasional limited edition runs of special yarns I may create.  You can find Spinning Fibers and Needle Felting Kits as well as our very popular Farm Calendar.